What is the low carbon economy?

The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) is committed to helping solve climate change.  CRI initiates carbon reduction strategies and shows businesses how to do the same.  One way for businesses to reduce their supply chain emissions is to procure carbon neutral goods and services, whenever possible.

CRI created the Low Carbon Economy as a tangible way to help businesses reduce their emissions, bringing together a network of NoCO2 and LowCO2 businesses into the one easy to access marketplace.  Furthermore, the Low Carbon Economy provides an excellent platform for businesses to promote their carbon neutral products and services to climate conscious customers.

The low carbon economy is a marketplace for businesses to buy and sell carbon neutral products and services.   To join, businesses need to be certified as either NoCO2 or LowCO2 with CRI.   Individuals do not need any certification to access the low carbon economy to purchase carbon neutral products and services.

Carbon neutral products and services purchased through the low carbon economy do not need to be included in carbon footprint calculations for businesses.  Examples of products and services that are available through the low carbon economy include carbon neutral paper and printing.

Everybody can help build the Low Carbon Economy and save the environment by reducing carbon emissions at work and at home.

Carbon Neutral and Low Carbon Suppliers

Marketing & Communications


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Professional Services

SACS Consulting

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  • Professional Services
SACS is here to help you achieve your goals. Our role is to understand (or...
Food & Beverage

Jasper Coffee

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