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Alto Hotel on Bourke Carbon Reduction Institute

Alto Hotel is located in the centre of Melbourne’s business district. It combines environmental construction technology and best practice initiatives with style, charm and a high level of comfort, has proven to be popular with business and leisure travellers many of whom have become fiercely loyal. The hotel provides the previously missing link for a sustainable and carbon neutral travel experience.

The hotel is unique in that it proves that being eco-friendly does not mean you have to “rough it” in a natural setting or use lower grade products and services to leave a smaller footprint. It is possible to enjoy a 4-star hotel in an urban location and minimise your impact on the environment. You can put your head down in comfort and let your mind rest easy knowing that your environmental footprint is minimised.

The building, which brings together classic architecture of late 19th century and a contemporary interior plus a range of inspired services, is rich in environmental features including double insulation, staggered stud construction on all lightweight walls and ceilings, double glazed; tinted & laminated windows & 100% renewable energy powered green electricity.

The Alto Hotel on Bourke has enhanced its reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading hotels in guest satisfaction as well as innovation by becoming the first city hotel to provide all of its services and facilities as carbon neutral within its pricing.

Environmental Action:

Alto Hotel on Bourke is a NoC02 business certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) under the NoCO2 Program. To achieve this status and become carbon neutral Alto Hotel on Bourke undertook the following process:

  1. Commissioned a NoCO2 audit from CRI to measure their carbon footprint, through the determination of the GHG emissions that resulted from their operations. CRI’s NoCO2 audit follows the standards outlined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (1), in addition to the international standard ISO 14064.1 (2).
  2. Have committed to offset their unavoidable emissions through the purchase of units in approved projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and
  3. Alto Hotel on Bourke have committed to ongoing annual auditing of their emissions.

What does NoCO2 mean?

By meeting the requirements of the NoCO2 Program, Alto Hotel on Bourke is now a carbon neutral business. All operation and services provided by Alto Hotel on Bourke are carbon neutral and Alto Hotel on Bourke can display the Carbon Neutral Service and NoCO2logos.

What Carbon Credit Projects does Alto Hotel on Bourke purchase units from?

China Wind

The China Wind Project provides a renewable, clean energy source for power generation. Wind projects partially displace electricity currently generated from grid-connected conventional fossil fuel based thermal power plants, thereby reducing overall emissions. Furthermore, by reducing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, the China Wind Project also provides public health and local environmental benefits. Such projects also provide economic benefits through increased investment in renewable energy and employment opportunities.

To book accommodation with Alto Hotel on Bourke, go to the following link:

Carbon Reduction Institute