Chilli Go Green Carbon Reduction Institute

For nearly a decade, Chilli Go Green has offered a sustainable solution for large, medium and small retailers, Australia wide, to minimize plastic bag usage.


We also supply uniforms, gift with purchase programs, point of sale and ‘all things retail’, and offer a ‘one stop supply solution’ with warehousing, logistics and distribution facilities. We understand that storage space can be limited within the retail environment, so let us solve that problem with a 48 hour fast turnaround on our stock range of bags, minimising your need to buy and store excess stock.

We know that a preference toward environmentally friendly materials can be a more costly option, so to counter this, all our products are carbon offset at no extra cost – it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

What other bag alternatives do we offer?

Chilli Go Green offers a vast range of retail bag solutions, that include standard size and custom made bags which are available for immediate delivery. Our offshore sourcing and production team deals directly with the factories and any products can be customised to your requirements.

We can supply the A to Z of bags from backpacks, bamboo bags, biodegradable bags, calico bags, cooler bags, conference satchels, duffel bags, jute bags, non-woven bags, organic bags, paper bags, PET bags, plastic bags, retail bags, tote bags and trade show bags for any occasion. We also specialise in fully customised bags made to order. No order is too large! Speak to us about your requirements.

The Chilli “Ultimate” Biodegradable Bags are made using natural materials. The “Ultimate” Bag is made of materials such as corn-starch, which is a renewable resource, AS4736 compliant and 100% carbon offset at no extra cost. The benefits don’t stop there – after its disposal, The “Ultimate” Bag will metabolically convert to carbon dioxide, water and biomass. In fact, to be biodegradable, 90% of the bag needs to be converted to CO2 within six months – no exceptions! Compare this to the 1000 years that normal plastic bags take to break down.

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