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FAQ Interactive Carbon Reduction Institute

FAQ Interactive is a digital agency, based in Sydney and operating since mid-2007.
Since our humble beginnings, over the course of 10 years, we have developed, managed and supported more than 500 websites, custom web applications and mobile apps.

As digital specialists FAQ has created online offline solutions for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Our connections and expertise in online marketing and database configuration means we understand your business and what you need to achieve success.

We are a one stop full service agency.
You can save yourself time, money and sanity by choosing FAQ for all your online and offline design needs including your App, website, business stationery, corporate identity requirements and much more.

Our expertise and services also extend abroad with our office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our professional FAQ team in Dhaka provide programming, design and technical assistance for a variety of clients and agencies.

So if you are looking for an intelligent solution, look no further

Over 10 years of online development and design experience.

The key reasons why FAQ has continued to thrive whilst others have failed is due to retention of key personnel. Most of our staff (local & offshore) have been with us for 5 years or more and completely familiar with our internal processes.

The 3 directors of FAQ Interactive, Phil Cawthorne, Simon Edwards & Mohammad Kabir; are first and foremost, business owners and have faced many of the same challenges that most businesses in Australia face. They have each managed departments for large Multinational Corporations prior to joining forces and starting FAQ.

With more than 20 years of commercial experience each, Phil, Simon & Mohammad bring a highly consultative approach to conceptualising and implementing technical solutions.

“a common-sense, commercial approach to web & software development”

Nearly every job we do has a bespoke or custom element to it. Whether this relates to design, functionality, workflows or even content; it’s never exactly the same as a previous job.

Before we undertake any project, we take the time to understand the business or organisation’s key objectives (whether this be commercial or community focussed). When we think that there is a better or more efficient method of achieving an objective (both immediate and long-term), we advise our clients accordingly. Of course, we always respect our client’s final decision, even if it is contrary to our advice.
This consultative approach enables you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that an experienced business consultant is thinking strategically about your business activities online.

“If you have a great idea, FAQ can help your vision become reality!”

Contact FAQ today on 02 8228 7355

Carbon Reduction Institute