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Fënn Foods Carbon Reduction Institute

vEEF Mince

Sustainable food doesn’t get greener than our Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Mince! The first of its kind in the world, this product is leading the charge for sustainable eating. Be it an Italian Bolognese, a Greek moussaka, an Australian meat pie, Mexican tacos, Chinese san choy bow or a Korean bibimbap, this mince forms the perfect canvas for your culinary creations.

Fënn Foods

Paving the way toward a healthy plant-based future for Australians since 2015, family business Fënn Foods puts sustainability at the heart of every decision it makes. With celebrated chef Alejandro Cancino at the helm of Fënn Foods’ recipe development, customers can expect to enjoy natural, high-quality and seriously delicious vegan fare that will appeal to (and surprise) everyone.

Based on Queensland’s serene Sunshine Coast, the passionate plant-powered family behind these delectable products is excited to share its expanding range of umami-rich plant-based meats with food-loving people seeking sustainable and appetising alternatives.

Climate Change Action

vEEF Mince is certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) under the NoCO2 Program. To achieve Carbon Neutral Product certification, Fënn Foods undertook the following process:

  1. Commissioned a Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment of vEEF Mince from CRI to quantify the carbon footprint of the product. CRI’s assessment relied upon delivery-specific data from Fënn Foods, as well as published sources of relevant data and emissions factors.
  2. Committed to offset the emissions associated with their vEEF Mince through the purchase of units in approved projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS) on a quarterly basis, and
  3. Committed to ongoing reporting and auditing of their product emissions through quarterly sales reporting.

What does Carbon Neutral Service Certification mean?

By meeting the requirements of the NoCO2 Program, vEEF Mince is certified as a Carbon Neutral Product by CRI; can be promoted and marketed as such and can display the Carbon Neutral Product Logo issued by CRI.

What Carbon Credit Projects does Fënn Foods purchase offsets from?

China Wind

The China Wind Project provides a renewable, clean energy source for power generation. Wind projects partially displace electricity currently generated from grid connected conventional fossil fuel based thermal power plants, thereby reducing overall emissions. Furthermore, by reducing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, the China Wind Project also provides public health and local environmental benefits. Such projects also provide economic benefits through increased investment in renewable energy and employment opportunities.

Carbon Reduction Institute