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Mercure Meetings

Professional and Personal Meeting Services

When you book your meeting at a Mercure hotel you can relax knowing that we’ve looked after everything, even the environment… Our promises to you:

– Your Mercure meeting will be Carbon Neutral. Greenhouse gases produced during your meeting will be offset by funding renewable energy sources through the Carbon Reduction Institute. Each Mercure hotels funds the costs of these offsets and will not pass them on to you.

– At Mercure, you’ll have a single point of contact, with dedicated meetings staff to take care of all aspects of your booking. We will respond to your enquiry within the same day, offer tailored solutions to suit your requirements and provide instant contact should you need assistance during your meeting.

– Our conference rooms are equipped with the most up-to-date technology including professional AV equipment. High-speed internet is available to help you stay connected and well-equipped meeting rooms offering flexible configurations to suit all your requirements. We will also offer in-house phones or pagers for instant contact to all staff during your meeting.

– Healthy food means a healthy mind, so we can ensure the most positive outcome for your meeting.Our menus and conference room refreshments are designed to be both indulgent and healthy, using local and seasonal produce where possible. Our focus is on well-presented, homely and nutritious food.

At Mercure, we purchase carbon credits to offset the impact of our business. These carbon credits support projects that help developing countries reduce our footprint. These credits are verified carbon offsets generated by the Haryana Renewable Energy Project.