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Clean Up Australia Carbon Reduction Institute

In 1989 an ‘average Australian bloke’ had a simple idea to make a difference in his own backyard – Sydney Harbour.

This simple idea has now become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event, Clean Up Australia Day and spurned the year round organisation Clean Up Australia which works with communities across the country to clean up, fix up and conserve their local environment.

Over the past 28 years Australians have donated more than 33 million volunteer hours, removing the equivalent of 350 thousand ute loads of rubbish from over 178 thousand locations across the country.

In 1993 the event, under a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, spread internationally – today attracting an estimated 30 million volunteers from over 80 countries under the umbrella of Clean Up the World.

On 1 May 2018 Clean Up Australia announced that, under the guidance of the Carbon Reduction Institute we are now Carbon Neutral.

In making the announcement Ian Kiernan AO, founder and Chairman of Clean Up Australia, said that the Clean Up team is extremely proud to take this step to further our commitment in the fight against climate change.

Achieving Carbon Neutral Certification to ensure that our office footprint is carbon neutral was an obvious step for us.

In our business activities, we all need to do more than just recycle paper, and going through the audit process to achieve our new certification shows that we are prepared to do more than just talk the talk. Working closely with CRI is our way of setting a good example for other businesses to follow and become more environmentally savvy; to become carbon neutral.

As part of the process Clean Up worked with the CRI team to measure and audit our outputs and help reduce our carbon emissions. This valuable information allowed us to identify business operations which generate the most carbon emissions and investigate ways to reduce these emissions so we can minimise the overall environmental impact of our business.

Customers use the audit report to gain an understanding of where they have the greatest impact on the environment and what opportunities they have to limit that impact, said Rob Cawthorne, Managing Director and founder of the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Our successful NoCO2 certification attests that:

Greenhouse gas emissions produced from the operations and services of Clean Up Australia have been calculated by the Carbon Reduction Institute, and carbon offsets accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard have been purchased to offset 100% of these emissions.

Carbon Reduction Institute