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New South Wales

D & M Research Carbon Reduction Institute

D&M research is best described today as a boutique, full service research agency, passionate about research, clients and successful organisations. It is unique in being one of the only smaller players that has large agency capacity by having vertically integrated all research functions including data processing, scripting and fieldwork (online), coupled with a senior research team that not only become data intimate but also fronts each project with the client.

Established in 1994, we don’t have fluffy mission and vision statements, just our laser focused purpose – “We Create Knowledge”. We promise knowledge exchange, knowledge traction, and knowledge action – that means you gain our insights, and we make sure our findings are applied to your situation to result in real action.

At D&M Research, adding value is not just an empty phrase. This is true for the environment, too. D&M Research have made a commitment to reduce their impact on climate change and have certified noCO2 with the Carbon Reduction Institute.

This included calculating all emissions from staff travel, energy usage, embodied emissions in office equipment; couriers and travel expenses, fieldwork, computers, internet, telephone; assets and other expenses.

D&M Research are a truly carbon neutral business. The Carbon Reduction Institute congratulates D&M Research for taking this important step towards a more sustainable future!

Carbon Reduction Institute