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Ego Print

Ego Print is a specialized UV printer driven on innovation and helping customers to find new avenues of savings through print excellence.

3 divisions of Ego Print work together to make it a truly unique manufacturing plant.

Commercial Print

With a newly installed 10 color perfecting press, long runs are preferred for maximum savings, for shorter runs we have a mix of Xerox digital machines, with the latest installation being the world renowned IGEN.

UV Printing

Specialised work is printed on our double coater UV press, with 6 units and 2 coaters this machine can print on a variety of substrates such as Polypropylene, Vinyl and raw uncoated recycled boards.


With 3 varieties of in house die cutters, plus window facers and a Bobst gluer, there is very little that cannot be produced in house. Specialized designers work closely with us to deliver cutting edge designs to stay ahead of the competition.


Offering low carbon offset printing compliments our other initiatives to stay ahead of the rest when it comes to keeping our planet sustainable.

We hold accreditation in ISO 14001, PEFC, FSC and support customers in quoting recycled or carbon neutral options to their print requirements.

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Carbon Reduction Institute