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Fieldwork sees architecture as a social and civic practice. From our homes to our schools, from our workplaces to our creative and civic spaces, we all engage with architecture on a daily basis. We believe architecture is a sensitive, spatial practice from which the entirety of life unfolds.

We are a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio founded in 2013. We have grown into a team of more than 30 practitioners from diverse cultures spanning expertise in the fields of architecture, commerce, design, urbanism, publishing and art.

For the past 10 years we have endeavoured to create architecture that facilitates the enjoyment of life, innately entwinned with principles of social and environmental sustainability. From reducing whole life carbon, to further integrating nature, supporting local communities and designing with Country, we are focused on using our agency to create and advocate for buildings that are holistic in design, regenerative in nature and beautiful in experience.

What does NoCO2 Certification mean?

By meeting the requirements of the NoCO2 Program, Fieldwork are certified as a Carbon Neutral business by CRI; can be promoted and marketed as such and can display the NoCO2 Logo issued by CRI.

To achieve this status and become carbon neutral Fieldwork undertook the following process:

  1. Commissioned a NoCO2 audit from CRI to measure their carbon footprint for FY2022. CRI’s NoCO2 audit follows the standards outlined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (1), in addition to the international standard ISO 14064.1 (2).
  2. Have committed to offset their unavoidable emissions through the purchase of units in approved projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard, and
  3. Committed to ongoing annual auditing of their emissions.

What Carbon Credit Projects does Fieldwork purchase offsets from?

Qori Q’oncha Improved Cookstoves in Peru:


Projects shown

  1. 38 Albermarle Street Kensington, Melbourne, (Multi-Residential), Complete 2022
  2. 38 Albermarle Street Kensington, Melbourne, (Multi-Residential), Complete 2022
  3. Centre for Higher Education Studies, South Yarra, Melbourne, (Education), Complete 2022
  4. Centre for Higher Education Studies, South Yarra, Melbourne, (Education), Complete 2022
  5. Collingwood Yards, Melbourne, (Cultural), Complete 2020
  6. Collingwood Yards, Melbourne, (Cultural), Complete 2020


Carbon Reduction Institute