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Jasper Coffee

Jasper Coffee is a group of people passionate about coffee. We provide coffee, tea, drinking chocolate and sugar to hundreds of cafes, retail stores and offices throughout Australia. The buzz begins at our Roastery in Collingwood. Here we roast daily and run our Barista training sessions.


We are an Australian owned company, directed by Wells Trenfield and Merilyn Parker and established in Melbourne 1989. With deep roots in the art world, coffee has become our palette. We are dedicated to re-humanizing the coffee supply chain, and have formed strong friendships across the Coffee world in our exploration and adventure into the unknown.

We hold in stock Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, Blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Specialty Coffees. We accept into our repertoire only those beans with distinctions of flavour, body, and aroma that satisfy our palate. Our business is built on quality product. Comparing the unique varietal characteristics of our Coffees at our cupping bench, is the source of our passion and the driver of our endeavour.

Sustainability has always shaped how we do business. We keep this in mind through all decisions we make. This has manifested in our Certifications for Organic, Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral, along with our search for Shade Grown coffees, the cleaning products we use, the cars we drive, the compostable packaging, and the economic and social benefits we direct to producers.

We operate three Caffeine Dealer retail concept stores in Fitzroy, Prahran Market & Chadstone Shopping Centre. From here you can select Australia’s largest range of coffees.

We continually strive to better partner with our coffee growers, through initiatives such as Fairtrade, the Cafe Femenino Project, and helping farmers with the Yirgacheffe Kochore Project in Ethiopia, in partnership with World Vision Australia.

Our Addictive Excellence extends to our service of our partners in the hundreds of cafes, retail stores and offices throughout Australia.

Our Search to explore the full potential of exotic origins and ethically sourced coffees has led us to every corner of the globe. The same spirit of Exploration, Adventure and Obsession finds its way into Every Cup of Jasper Coffee.

Carbon Reduction Institute