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New South Wales

Lahznimmo architects

lahznimmo architects is an award winning Sydney based practice with over twenty-five years of experience.  Led by directors Andrew Nimmo, Annabel Lahz, Hugo Cottier and Brad Cogger and supported by a dedicated architectural team, our aim is to create uplifting environments for everyday life.

Whilst specializing in public work, we thrive on working on a range of diverse projects, at a variety of scales.  We find that having a diversity of projects encourages first principle thinking and solutions, which are tailored to each specific client; their needs; their site and its context.

Our work is always founded within the principles of Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) and is respectful of Country.  We are committed to developing environmentally sustainable solutions and sustainable architecture, which will have the ability to adapt and change as uses evolve.

This commitment is to be achieved through:

  • Actively engaging clients to develop an ESD approach, brief and budget that is above and beyond the minimum statutory requirements.
  • Working collaboratively with consultants to achieve a ‘whole building’ approach to the implementation of ESD principles.
  • Maximising passive and natural energy systems wherever possible to achieve the efficient design.
  • Selecting and specifying materials that are environmentally responsible, achieve effective environmental performance, require minimal maintenance and optimise their inherent embodied energy.
  • Minimise water consumption and resources, especially those identified as non-renewable.
  • Minimise habitat, land, air and water degradation and pollution.
  • Maximise the health, safety and comfort of building users and occupants.
  • Maximise the use of recyclable and sustainable resources.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest industry standards, legislation and initiatives through active research and by attending relevant conferences, seminars etc.

lahznimmo has received design excellence awards from the Australian Institute of Architects at both State and National levels for Residential, Commercial, Public Architecture and Urban Design projects.

Climate Change Action:

What does NoCO2 Certification mean?

By meeting the requirements of the NoCO2 Program, lahznimmo architects is certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by CRI; can be promoted and marketed as such and can display the NoCO2 Logo issued by CRI.  To achieve this status and become carbon neutral lahznimmo architects undertook the following process:

  1. Commissioned a NoCO2 audit from CRI to measure their carbon footprint for FY2020. CRI’s NoCO2 audit follows the standards outlined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (1), in addition to the international standard ISO 14064.1 (2).
  2. Have committed to offset their unavoidable emissions through the purchase of units in approved projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard, and
  3. Committed to ongoing annual auditing of their emissions.

What Carbon Credit Projects does lahznimmo architects purchase offsets from?

India Wind Project

 Investments in clean energy sources, such as wind, are considered to be essential both in the interest of the environment and for public health reasons. Wind projects partially displace electricity currently generated from grid-connected conventional fossil fuel-based thermal power plants, while reducing emissions. Wind Projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and limit local air pollution, curtailing its negative health impacts. In addition to its environmental benefits, the implementation of the project creates job opportunities for local workers, contractors, and suppliers, while the operation and maintenance of the wind park generate long-term employment positions.

Carbon Reduction Institute