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Certified Products

RCP Platinum® Concentrate & RCP Platinum® Premix

PrixMax RCP Platinum® is a next generation Organic Additive Technology (OAT) coolant that is free from nitrite, amine, phosphate, silicate and borate.  This coolant offers offers ultra long life corrosion protection and superior heat transfer performance for cooling systems of automotive, light duty, heavy duty (on-road and off-road), marine, agricultural, stationary and power generation applications where freeze protection is not required.  This product is the first coolant in the world to be certified 100% Carbon Neutral.

RCP & Long Life Inhibitor Premix 7.5

PrixMax RCP and Long Life Inhibitor Premix 7.5 are advanced water based OAT coolants and corrosion inhibitors, providing extended service protection for all engine cooling systems where freeze protection is not required.  Developed for extended service performance in heavy duty engines in particular, this technology boasts arguably the most extensive field experience in Australia and Southeast Asia in mining, oil and gas, power generation and heavy transport applications of any comparable product on the market.  


PrixMax Envirocool® is a ready to use, premium quality and cost effective coolant that is suitable for use in all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles where freeze protection is not required.  This coolant contains a blend of low toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors in deionised water, and has been formulated to meet the specifications of major car manufacturers.

Radiator Flush

PrixMax Radiator Flush is an excellent choice for the periodic, preventative maintenance of diesel and petrol engine cooling systems without costly downtime.  PrixMax Radiator Flush is a heavy duty cleaner compatible with all engine coolants, and can be conveniently left in the system for up to 30 days for heavy duty engines.  The product effectively removes mineral scale and oxide deposits, whilst simultaneously providing corrosion and cavitation protection.


About the company

PrixMax Australia is a market leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of long life and environmentally sustainable engine coolants, corrosion inhibitors and transport chemical solutions for heavy duty, commercial and automotive applications.

In 1996, PrixMax was the first 100% Australian owned coolant company to introduce Organic Additive Technology (OAT) coolants meeting key OEM specifications into the automotive, transport, oil & gas and mining industries in Australasia and Southeast Asia.  Since then, the PrixMax long life coolants have been considered an industry benchmark for extended service products, and have been used in many of the largest transport and heavy industrial operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

PrixMax offers a complete range of cooling system maintenance services; from site visits, fleet audits and staff training, through to an advanced coolant laboratory testing and analysis program.

PrixMax has a wide distribution network throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and all products are manufactured from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited facilities. Our offices and distribution centres are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore and Auckland.


Sustainability Aims and Goals

Our vision of helping to create a more sustainable future lies at the heart of everything we do. We recognise the importance of respecting and caring for the environments in which we operate, and over the past few years we have stepped up our efforts to not only address our own impact on the environment, but to also promote environmentally sustainable practices within our industry.

In 2012, our Environmental Management System was certified as complying with the ISO 14001 standard, and we engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute to conduct life cycle assessments of our water based range of engine coolants.  The life cycle assessments have enabled us to address and, where possible, reduce our emissions, and we are now able to offer our customers what we understand to be the first certified carbon neutral coolants in the world.  In 2015, we commissioned a LowCO2 audit from CRI to measure our organisation’s carbon footprint, allowing us to track and reduce our carbon emissions as an organisation.  

Going forward, outside of continuing to monitor and reduce our own impact on the environment, our goal is to continue to lead the way in environmental responsibility in our industry, and to create opportunities for our customers to protect the sensitive environments in which they operate.  

Visit our website to learn more about our organisation and our commitments to sustainability:


Carbon Reduction Institute